jacks centre indoor bowls club - latchingdon                                             Friday  22/2/2019

Over 60's County Tables
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Rayleigh (A)62572065126
Clacton (A)62572144324
Falcon (A)62622105223
Cochester (A)62512104121
Jacks Centre (A)62232121120
Harwich (A)6232240-819
Walton (A)6190268-787
West Mersea (A)6171283-1124

ClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScorePointsClubGame 1 ScoreGame 2 ScorePoints
Clacton (A)21122Rayleigh (A)18194
Cochester (A)31195Walton (A)9191
Falcon (A)29266Harwich (A)11150
Jacks Centre (A)17226West Mersea (A)15150
Walton (A)19100Harwich (A)21246
Cochester (A)21122Jacks Centre (A)17204
Clacton (A)27213Falcon (A)11373
Rayleigh (A)20304West Mersea (A)22132
West Mersea (A)9120Falcon (A)27206
Jacks Centre (A)24206Walton (A)15100
Cochester (A)31196Rayleigh (A)10180
Harwich (A)21173Clacton (A)18203
Clacton (A)23216Walton (A)18130
Rayleigh (A)18246Jacks Centre (A)13150
West Mersea (A)22132Harwich (A)18254
Falcon (A)30112Cochester (A)13314
Rayleigh (A)30296Walton (A)15150
Clacton (A)25326West Mersea (A)12120
Falcon (A)25166Jacks Centre (A)18120
Cochester (A)25132Harwich (A)16234
Rayleigh (A)21206Falcon (A)15150
West Mersea (A)12140Walton (A)29186
Clacton (A)20174Cochester (A)15212
Harwich (A)24172Jacks Centre (A)18274