Rink Fees

The following tables show the current costs of using a rink at the Jacks Centre.
            The charges shown below take effect from the 1st October 2018

Members Guests
Match Type Full Members Junior Members Type Costs
Roll Up (1 hour) £1.40 75p Roll Up (1 hour) £3.00
Roll Up (2 hours) £2.80 £1.40p Roll Up (2 hours) £6.00
Triples League(2 hours) £3.50 £1.75p Training Session (3 sessions) £15.00
Pairs League(2 hours) £3.50 £1.75p
Fours League(2 hours) £2.80 £1.40p
Coaching £2.80
Drive £3.20 (fee + 40p prize money)
Junior Cadets 50p

                                                    (Please note rollups are subject to rink availability,leagues,friendlies and               (please note Guests must roll up with a member)
                                                    competitions take priority, so please call ahead to avoid disappointment)               Potential new members  - if you require training, the costof £15.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                is taken off of your joining fee when you become a member